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Our mission is to dedicate our attention to provide all members 
and guests the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level and to learn new and advanced networking skills by participating in a number of activities that will help promote our personal and professional relationships.

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  2017 calendar
March 10, April 7, May 12, June 16,
 July 14, August 11, September 8, October 13, November 10

Great presentation by the Emmy winner and five time nominee,  
Thank you Mariette Hartly
(January 10, 2014)




 Capt. Stacy Gerlich LAFD  
  Active Shooter Situation Awareness
  Department of Homeland Securities message:
  "Run, Hide, Fight." 

                                                            "IT ISN'T IF BUT WHEN" 
                                         What have you done lately to prepare for the next disaster?

                                                             Thank you Captain/Paramedic Stacy E. Gerlich for a
                                                           great and important presentation and for educating the
                                                                                           Los Angeles community!
      Previous meetings

              Julie Cobb
Actor, Writer, Producer
        The Remarkably Entrepreneur
 of Sounds Great-Vocals to Voiceover
Thank you  Toby Stone
(March 14, 2014)
Amelia Earhart
In Her Own Words 
Thank you Roberta E. Bassin 
(April 11, 2014)

Breakfast Buffet/Networking
                   Display Table & Networking

                                               At WPF more time is dedicated to YOU!

  •   Self introduction
  •   Display of brochures/business cards for all
  •   Table discussion and introduction
  •   Panel presentation by members
  •   Guest Speakers
  •   Networking & Marketing Tips 

Emmy Award Winner, Writer and Producer  
Karen Harris
We look forward to seeing you on  March 10, 2017 

"Heart to Heart" conversation with
Cathie Lippman, MD
(February 10, 2017)